Sheri is a 3rd generation hairdresser. Her grandma owned a very successful salon called “The Powder Puff Beauty Shoppe” in Wayland Square. Sheri’s dad cofounded Christiaan’s in 1971. Sheri grew up in the beauty business.
Her first memory of actually working was in the blizzard of ’78. We were snowed into the salon along with some stylists. Clients came in off the street and wanted a haircut. So Sheri was the receptionist for several days when she was ten.
Sheri started hairdressing school at 18 and immediately was working at Christiaan’s as an assistant. She was trained by one of our Israeli stylists and soon became a stylist/colorist.
Sheri is a warm, caring person that wants everyone to be happy. Her clientele grew rapidly. She also attends every class on styling and color, becoming an expert.
Sheri’s main responsibility now is hiring/training all new staff, the continual education of all staff and the daily running of the salon/spa while still retaining a clientele; styling and coloring.
Sheri is very happily married with three children. Her daughter Tasha is our esthetician and helps run the salon.
Sheri loves being busy between her home, family and her salon.