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Nectaya: Naturally Derived Ammonia Free Color

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

In this day and age we have become very aware of what we put in and on our bodies. We are eating organic vegetables, free-range eggs, and hormone free meat. Everyone is checking the labels of their skincare products avoiding mineral oil, harsh chemicals, and parabens. But what about your hair color?

Did you know that Christiaan has been offering an ammonia free, naturally derived permanent hair color with 100% grey coverage?

Goldwell Nectaya is a nurturing hair color that leaves hair feeling noticeably healthier. The gentle formula is made of 91% ingredients of natural origin and has a natural scent rather than a harsh chemical odor. Because it is infused with Argan oil, hair is shinier and smoother after just one application. This enriching formula has a patented Interlipid Technology that replaces the lipids that have been lost inside the hair. Lipids form a delicate barrier comprised of essential fatty acids, ceramides, tryglicerides, cholesterol and water. These essential fatty acids make up a greater proportion of the lipid layer and contribute to hair’s elasticity and aid ceramides in keeping the cuticle attached to the hair shaft. So not only will your hair look healthier but following multiple applications it will actually be healthier!

Over the last year or so we have had many clients make the switch from our standard color to Nectaya and they love it! Some of the feedback we have received has been on better hair texture and condition, increased longevity of color, more even coverage of grey hair, and a better in-salon experience while color is processing due to the natural fragrance of the product.

If you are interested in making the switch to a healthier hair color, ask your stylist if Goldwell Nectaya is right for you!

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