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Summer Hair Care

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Now that the summer weather is here, we wanted to share some of our tips & tricks so you have great hair all summer long!

Colored hair: Sun exposure, sea salt, chlorine, and perspiration can make your hair color fade faster than normal. Here are our recommendations for protecting your color!

  • At your next salon visit- Start protecting your color the day you have it done by getting a Goldwell Color Lock Serum. These serums are also available in a Just Smooth and an Ultra Volume formulation. When used in conjunction with the proper shampoo & conditioner, this serum will protect your color from fading and brassiness for up to 22 washes and has a UV protector.

  • At home maintenance- Use the right products to keep your color looking its best between visits. Our go-to is Kerasilk Color Shampoo & Conditioner and Protective Blow Dry Spray from Goldwell. Because these products are made by our color company they have the technology to ensure the least amount of fading. The Kerasilk Color products also contain Keratin, silk protein, and Tamanu Oil to give brilliant shine. The Kerasilk Color Protective Blow Dry Spray has a heat protector and UV filter, so spray it on any time you will be outside!

Easy beach styling: Here are a few ideas to get perfect beachy texture every time!

  • Sea Salt Spray- We all love the tousled, beachy waves we get at the beach. Get this effect before you even hit the beach or go in the ocean by using KMS Sea Salt Spray. This product will even give fine, straight hair some beachy texture. Spray liberally to damp or dry hair and scrunch for that “just left the beach” look.

  • Dry Shampoo: Washing your hair before the beach is sure to be a waste of time since it is sure to be filled with salt water, sand, and perspiration by the end of the day. Instead, use a little KMS Makeover Spray or Goldwell Ultra Volume Dry Shampoo. This is useful for the end of the beach day if you are spending time grabbing lunch or a cocktail by the water. Just spray in and brush out your hair and you’re ready to go!

  • Wet Brush- If you don’t already have one, you need one! And, if you have one, you need a spare to keep in your beach bag for the summer months. This brush is the best for detangling salt water or chlorine drenched locks.

Moisturizing: Sun, salt water, pool water, and excessive washing can dry your locks out in the summer. Here are some ideas for locking the moisture in or repairing the damage that has already been done!

  • At your next salon visit- Come in and let us treat you to a Goldwell Kerasilk hair treatment or mask. Depending on your needs, we can apply a Color Mask, Control Mask, Reconstruct Mask or Treatment. These treatments and masks are applied at the shampoo bowl, only take 5 minutes and last between 6-10 washes!

At home- Take home a Kerasilk Mask and apply once a week at home. Follow with a leave in, we recommend Goldwell Kerasilk Color or Reconstruct Protective Blow dry Spray or KMS Moist Repair Revival Crème.

We hope this helps keep you and your hair looking its very best all summer long! Please feel free to stop in if you need any recommendations for your specific hair needs. Have a happy, healthy, and safe summer!

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